Frontend endpoints

Examples of use cases

  • Retrieve sellers informations

  • Actualise a cart with updated offer informations

  • Display an offer on your web page

Why use it

This API groups together endpoints intended to be used from a frontend. They can help you to build your client interface.

Call responses have been optimized specifically for this use.

How it works

Most of Octopia API are designed for a backend use because informations not need ti be updated more then a few times per hour, minute, day 
However, some operations require the ability to transmit updated information. This is why these endpoints exist.



The cart endpoint allows to group offers selected by seller and shipping mode, calculating shipping coast and shipping promise in order to simply display them.
Note that this endpoint does note apply functionnal control like offer out of stock in order to allow the API consumer to manage his own business rules.
Shipping times are expressed in days. Impacts of holidays have to be managed by on client side.

To use Cart endpoint you must pass offers ids. They can be retrieved using GET /offers endpoint


The pre-order endpoint is a tool provided to make the order creation process easier for you.
From carts éléments, it generates the json data structure need to use POST /order endpoint of the Orders API.

Offers and sellers informations

These endpoints have the same goal : To provide you real-time informations that you can display to customers in order to help them with there decsion-making.
To retrieve informations of an offer you will need his Id. It can be retrieved using GET /offers endpoint of Offers API
To retrieve informations of a seller you will need his Id. It can be retrieved using GET /offers or GET /offers/offerId endpoints