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This API portal is the essential tool to connect to our platform. You will find all the necessary information about our APIs like Technical and functional documentations, examples to integrate them in the best way, description of the latest changes and developments



As data security is fundamental for an IT platform, it is for us a priority.
We have chosen OAuth 2.0, the standard protocol for authorization based on the generation and exchange of JWT tokens.


Designed to adapt to most of the use cases, you can integrate our APIs to build a new solution or to make an existing one evolve. As they respect the REST standard which is one of the most widespread and recognized, you will be able to easily integrate them whatever the technologies you want to use.


We will not leave you alone front to your project. With Octopia you have access to a complete documentation, a sandbox environnement and especially a human support team.

Why choose Octopia API?

The creation and development of a marketplace requires significant investment in technology, logistics and the recruitment and management of sellers. Strengths of Octopia APIs will allow you to optimize and facilitate the management of your marketplace


Save time and increase your competitivity by transforming manual actions into automated tasks, scheduling regular synchronizations of your data and retrieving faster data in real time


Our APIs are complementary but independent of each other, so you can choose which ones you want to integrate to meet your needs.


What Octopia API
could offer you?

Catalog collection

Collect easily your Octopia product sheet catalog and its merchants offers

Order management

Create orders when product is sold to inform the merchants to ship it. And check the order lifecycle in real time

Relationship managment

Manage relationship between your merchants and your customers about orders claims, questions, sending invoices...


Collect financial reporting in order to manage your accountancy. Retrieve customer invoices

FrontOffice tools

Collect instantly with high frequency information to display them in real time.

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