Financial Reporting API

Examples of use cases

  • Consult daily the details of the fund request performed

  • Obtain the list of invoice that has been edited for sellers

  • Download an invoice edited

Why use it

This API designed for the sales channel allows to perform a integration of all accounted operation by the financial system of Octopia like sales performed and commission.

It allows them to gather all available financial data.

How it works

Generally, financial data is recorded once the sales orders have been validated by the seller.


Billing information is made available daily and can be retrieved via API routes by entering the desired period.

Commission statements are issued every 10 days on 9, 19, and 29 of the month. It is a document of grouping of invoices.

The physical documents (PDF file) are available at the same time as the invoice information.

Finally, payments are triggered automatically every 10 days on 1, 11 and 21 of the month or on demand as soon as the funds are cleared.